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I’m Autistic. And that’s Nothing Special.

By now, you might know who I am. If not, well, quick-fire intro: I'm Errol. I'm 23, I'm autistic and I'm a blogger and editor. One thing I am not, however, is special. Autistic people - neurodivergent people as a whole - are not "special". I can hear the uproar coming from a mile away. "What do… Continue reading I’m Autistic. And that’s Nothing Special.

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#CripTheWeek: A Letter to High School

Dear the staff of my old school, Hey! It’s Errol. Some of you will remember me, I’m sure; lanky, kind of quiet, daft as a brush, camper than a row of tents. Usually found at the back of the room unless you had a specific seating arrangement. I hope you’re doing alright! I’m not half… Continue reading #CripTheWeek: A Letter to High School

Freelance Articles

Productivity, Worth and Chronic Illness

Okay, this one’s personal. Today has been the first time I’ve been able to realistically create content or actively do anything that I can talk about in months. I’ve not really released as much content as I would have liked over the past month-and-a-half and not really been an active, well, person in that space… Continue reading Productivity, Worth and Chronic Illness


GameAbility: Sea of Thieves

Hello, and welcome to GameAbility, where I take a game and tear it to its bare bones to look at just how accessible to a disabled audience this game is. Since I’m looking at the game itself and not at any additional tech, I’ll be playing with a basic set-up with no assistive technology included.… Continue reading GameAbility: Sea of Thieves


GameAbility: An Introduction

A large amount of the gaming community has a disability or impairment of some form. The most recent numbers come from a PopCap survey in 2008, indicating that nearly one fifth of gamers have a disability, who often find playing games provide some kind of benefit to their life. This huge number of players often… Continue reading GameAbility: An Introduction